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We Come To You iPad Repair


Are you based in Leeds?

Do you have a busy lifestyle?

Would you prefer your iPad repaired in the comfort of your own surroundings?

Is it more convenient for our iPad repair technician to come to you?

Does an evening, or weekend call out repair suite you better?

Having your iPad repaired at your home or office is not for everyone as it can be a little messy and you do need a good area where our technician can work safely. If you do wish to have your iPad repaired at you home, or office / place of business you will need the following. 1. An area that is safe for the engineer to work that has a plug socket close by. 2 ideally a kitchen surface, utility room, or well lit garage. Because of the nature of some iPad repair there is a lot of glass removal involved and a lot of peaces can be extremely small (shards of glass, pin head size).

If after taking this all into consideration you still require a mobile iPad repair service, and you feel you have a safe enough area that you are happy to let the engineer work, then please get in touch with us on the above telephone number, or by filling out the contact form.