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Water Damaged iPad Repair


Did you drop your iPad in the bath, a puddle, or spill water all over it? If you did there is still a very good chance we can get it working again.

We find most of the time that the iPad probably only needs a new LCD or digitzer and we are able to carry out this repair within about 1 hour. In some case this may take longer with water damaged iPads, If this is the case we will get back to you with a full repair price once we get to the bottom of the problem.

Get your liquid damaged iPad working again today. We can fix iPads that have been dropped in the swimming pool, been left out in the rain, and even if some how it ended up in the washing machine. Our engineers are available daily to assist you at our branch in Leeds.

To make an appointment please click below or use our contact page, or telephone number above. Also for our mail-in iPad water damage repairs please click below.