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The Apple iPad is one of those hit products that looks like it has no intention of slowing down. With many of us reaching for an iPad these day over the conventional laptop it interesting to see how some are using theres.

Its true most of use use are iPad to surf the web, catch up with friends and family on Facebook, even play video games. But there are others that have a different use for the iPad, some very clever, and some just pointless and crazy!

Today we show you 5.

1. This person has decided to use there iPad as an in car entertainment system. Featured here in a Toyota, and installed by a company called Soundman Car Audio.



2.  Believe it or not this typewriter is the real deal and can be purchased on line. There was a few like this floating around on pictures on the net, but they was fake. This is the real deal.The iPad typewriter comes as a $75 DIY kit, or there is the $800 masterpiece.



We really love this. A Pinball magic accessory for your Apple iPad. And We have to say it looks pretty dame cool! As you can imagine they are now pretty hard to track down. There is also an alternative version for the iPhone available. You can find these bad boys at Brookstone.



I hear what your say here! If this was real then we would be brining this iPad into you within a couple of days to fix the damaged screen from standing on it! Luckily this is only a silly concept that never became a reality. Don’t try this, please take our word for it.

ipad-scalesFinally this has to be really silly! Im sure the traffic police wouldn’t find this amusing for in bike entertainment! Some motorcyclists see this as a great sat nav, entertainment system, maybe even for Facetime!  This I’d give this one a miss.



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