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The iPad repair is without a doubt the holly grail of gadget repairs. It is a tricky little monkey to work on with plenty of pit falls that can cause even more damage to an already faulty or damaged iPad. The main problem with repairing the iPad is its easy to damage the wifi connector which is attached to the underside of the glass. Its also very easy to damage connection and sensors located around the edge of the iPads aluminium frame. When speaking to any iPad technician they will tell your there pet hate is small fragments of glass that can get stuck in your fingers when stripping the smashed screen of the front of the iPad that is of course glued down with double sided Apple adhesive.

ipad being repaired

Here at Express iPad Repair Leeds we take our time when it comes to the fixing the iPad. This is not a job you can rush. I can’t stress how easy it is to make one mistake, and that one mistake could cost you £££. Getting into the iPad is one thing, but once your in theres lots of very delicate connections and flex cables that can easily be damaged. if you pull to hard on cables you can pull electronics off the logic board itself. I know we keep saying it, but repairing an iPad is a bit of an art form.



Above we have added some pictures of a stripped down iPad during various stages right up to completion (with a loverly plastic sheet to protect the front till you get here). This repair was carried out by Jonathan one of our main iPad repair experts and as you would expect the job looks clean and professional. This is of course the Express iPad promise. You can be sure that with our repairs the job is done to a high standard every time, the glass fits flush, the right type of adhesive is used, the plastic bezel outer rim is always replaced with the screen repair to give it that untouched finish. For a truly exceptional iPad screen repair in or around Leeds, theres only one name to remember. contact us today.


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