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Its was foretold, and yesterday Apple came clean! The launch of the new iPad Mini with retina display is apon us. The second iPad Mini release to date.The unique selling point here is of course the retina display.


A feature many have been waiting for, and a something many Apple genus staff had told us wasn’t possible.

The new iPad Retina display has 2048×1536 pixels. That’s a quadrupling of the original iPad mini’s resolution. it’s the same 7.9-inch size as before, that equates to a healthy pixel density of 326ppi. Clearly keeping the resolution the same as other iPad retina models means apps are identical across the range., This includes the iPad 3, iPad 4, and new iPad Air.

In terms of processor the original iPad mini really was underpowered. It featured the old iPad 2 processor rather than the A6X as featured in the iPad 4. it has the A7 chip that’s also inside the new iPad Air. That means it’s a 64-bit device, which makes it more future-proof than if it had stuck with a 32-bit processor. It also gets the M7 motion coprocessor.

iPad-mini-Retina-white-space-greyAt present Apple have not been forthcoming with details like ram, but Im sure it will live up to Apples quote of being 4 times faster than its predecessor, so gamers should be happy.

In terms of storage size the new iPad Mini starts at 16GB and goes up to 128GB, So this will give you plenty of storage for those pictures, music, and movies.  Not much has changed in terms of dimensions The new model is very slightly thicker than its predecessor – 7.5mm versus 7.2mm but it’s the weight gain that’s slightly disappointing. The Wi-Fi version weighs 331g (23g heavier) while the Wi-Fi + Cellular model gains 29g over the previous equivalent iPad mini.

Like the iPhone 5S the iPad Mini with retina display comes in White or space fray. Anyone hoping for a gold iPad mini will have to paint there own.

So whats the price! The 16GB Wi-Fi-only version starts at £319 – £50 more than the equivalent original iPad mini. So There you have it. I think I may have to buy one, but I won’t be waiting outside the Apple store in Leeds all night to get it……


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