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iPad Mini General Repairs

You have chosen the Apple iPad Mini.
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The iPad Mini is a mini tablet following on from the success of the original full size Apple iPad. It was announced on October 23rd 2012 and is the fifth major product in the Apple iPad line. The size of the screen has been reduced to 7.9 inches, in reflection to the full size model that is 9.7 inches. It does however have similar internal specifications as the iPad 2, which also includes its display resolution.  The iPad Mini shipped with iOS 6.0.1 out of the box. If you are experiencing repair issues with your iPad Mini and are looking for a quality fix by a trusted team of professionals please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

iPad-mini-front-backFaults Repaired:

  • Replacement Battery
  • Power Issue
  • Reception or Signal Issues
  • Faulty Dock Connector
  • Damaged Home Button
  • Broken Sim Card Holder
  • Damaged Speaker
  • Damaged Microphone
  • Broken Camera
  • Damaged Volume Adjuster
  • Damaged Silent Switch
  • Liquid Damage – click here
  • Damaged Back Case
  • Broken Headphone Socket
  • Damaged On/Off Button




We cover a wide range of general repairs for the iPad Mini. These services include lightning dock connector replacement, volume buttons, power button, or home button fault repairs. Out of all the iPad models in the family, the iPad Mini is the hardest of them all to work on. Most items in the iPad Mini are glued down with Apples very own special glue. Other items are soldered onto the logic-board and surrounding components. A well know and highly respected repair website quoted the repairability of the iPad was 1 out of 10. With this in mind all repair services related to the iPad Mini are not for un professional hands. Here at Express iPad repair in Leeds with have over 10 years in the Apple repair business, and have been trusted my 100’s of people for a quality, cost effective repair service.

If you cannot see the fault above that you are experiencing with you iPad Mini then please telephone us or use our contact for to let use know the problem you are facing. This will allow us to be able to quote you better for the relevant repair that is needed.  Click here to contact us.

At present due to new iPad updates we are changing our “Other Repair” prices. In the mean time please follow through the link below and contact us in relation to any of the repairs listed above.