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Do you use High Quality iPad Parts?

Here at Express iPad Repair we only use high quality and original iPad parts. At present due to the popularity of the iPad there are many low quality iPad screens and parts ranging from very low prices, to higher prices.  If you have been offered an iPad repair for an unbelievable low repair price the chances are very high the part is of low quality, and the the technician have no real background in Apple product repair. What is considered low quality? The answer to this question is colours don’t quite match the original, the glass digitizer touch screen doesn’t fit quite right, the touch sensitive screen can seem less responsive or sluggish. Theres also a good chance that low quality screens don’t sit flush onto the frame due to poor quality glue or adhesive.

Are You Able To Pick Up Or Repair My iPad in The Evening?

Yes. However, we make no promises on this service being available every day. The best thing to do is get in touch with us and let us know your requirements.

What Experience Do Your Technicians Have?

Our small team of technicians are no stranger to Apple product repairs. Our team has been fixing Apple products before the Apple boom 4 years back. We specialise in the repair of Apple products only  and don’t spread ourselves thinly by offering to repair every different electrical item on the market today. We do one thing, and we do it very well. Our team is made up of a  Certified Macintosh Technician, an Apple professional (with a long term background with Apple products) and a couple of trainee  Express Geniuses. At present Apple do not have a certification for iPad repairs and many authorised services providers are not allowed to repair the iPad. We believe our team is the closest thing to trusteed technicians for the iPad. Apple direct only offer an exchange program and not a repair process. The reason for this is health and safety due to the glass. From time to time Apple authorised service providers have forwarded iPad repair requests over to us due to our respectable service and professionalism.

Do I Have To Pay Anything in Advance?

No! We don’t expect you to pay a penny until the work is carried and has been inspected to your satisfation. Once you are happy and you have tested your iPad we will take full payment.

Do You Offer Any Warranty?

Yes, In fact we offer the best warranty on our work in Leeds. We offer 12 months warranty on all our parts and labour. So should you have any problems with your repair in this time frame, just drop it back off for a no quibble repair and required solution.

I Want My iPad Collected, How Long Will It Take?

We can collect an iPad typically within 60 minutes to 24 hours. If you are located close to our repair shop the chances are you pick up will be shorter. We also aim to get you iPad repaired and back to you between 2 hours and 24 hours. For a more specific time frame please call us or drop us an email via our contact form.

Do You Offer A Same Day Service?

Yes we do. We are able to do a same day repair around 90% of the time. If you drop us a call or email we can advise you of our movements for the day ahead. Unlike many companies we do not charge a premium for same day iPad repairs.

Can You Repair My iPad at My Home or Office?

In some circumstance yes we can. We do however charge a small premium for this service as it ties up our technician for a little longer than normal. In order to have an iPad on site (we come to you) repair you will need an area the technician can work safely on your iPad and a plug socket close by.

Do You Work On Weekends?

We are now open on weekends and dispatching technicians for pick ups and repairs. For a Sunday repair you need to book by calling us on the above number.

How Far Are You Away From Leeds City Centre?

In A car, bus, or taxi it should take no longer than 15 minutes to get to use. We really are not that far away from the town centre.If you need a bus then look for one that heads to Harrogate as we are on the Harrogate road in Chapel Allerton. Local areas around us are Alwoodley, Moortown, and Shadwell. Our walk-in address is: 87 Harrogate Road, Chapel Allerton, Leeds, LS7 3QQ.

How Far Are You Away From The University Of Leeds (Headingley)?

Again we are about 10 to 15 minutes away by car to our walk-in repair shop. There are of course buses that travel up to north Leeds. You need a bus that heads to Harrogate as we are on the Harrogate road in Chapel Allerton.

Is There Parking At Your Shop?

Yes! We have our own car park just in front of the shop.

What is Your Service Promise?

Our service promise is our approach to professionalism, high quality service, reliability, and a friendly face (: In a time when the internet has taken over the advertising market its difficult to know who you can trust with your beloved items. Many companies on line promise things they can’t deliver. Many companies also have little or no experience with Apple items, and have jumped on the Apple bandwagon due to the brands current success. With Express iPad repair you can be sure you are in safe hands. ALso you get the peace of mind that your iPad is in the hands of a nation-wide professional repair brand. Click here to take a look at our iPad screen repair process.

How Difficult is The iPad To Repair?

The iPad is a very difficult item to repair and takes time and skill to repair it properly. Many things can go wrong during the process. Even our most seasoned technicians in the beginning ran into issues with the iPad repair. The problem is its so easy to damage internal components attached to the underside of the glass, or sat close the the underside the iPad frame. It takes experience and a steady hand. It really is an art form (as strange as it sounds).

We hope the above has helped you with any questions you may have. If however you have a different question then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via our contact page or calling us on 0113 314 3134. We can also be found on Directory World and the Moo Website Directory.