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Best Apps For Toddlers On iPad

The iPad is a line of apple computers that is design and marketed by the Apple Inc. They run on an apple build operating system. Their user interface is built along the devices multi-touch screen including a virtual keyboard. As the saying goes, iPads have become the new baby sitters. This is because of the applications that have been installed in them specifically for toddlers to use. These applications have been found to distract the toddlers and divert their attention to keep them busy over time in which the parents are able to concentrate on other stuff paying less attention to the babies. Some of these wonderful applications that are found in iPads include:-Endless Alphabet– This is an app developed to help the toddlers learn about the alphabets. This is done by sliding “talking” letters into a place after which they see a character animation for definitions and word spemng.

best apps for toddlers 2013

Peekaboo pets– It is an app that comes with 15 beautiful pictures of pets and cute sounds. The most outstanding feature is that one can add their own photos or audios and put them on the slide show or even change the existing ones.

pet-shopPetting Zoo- This is an app designed by Christoph Hiemam. It’s an animated picture book that introduces the toddlers to various animals such as a break-dancing dog and an elephant in a bath. The quirky hard drawn styles make it very enjoyable for the toddlers to watch.petting-zooMake It Pop-This app that uses eye catching illustrations to teach children about numbers, letters, shapes, sizes and colours. The toddler is required to touch the images appearing on the screen to see them. make-it-pop-appKids ABC Trains– This is an app aimed mostly at the pre-school children. It enables them to build a railway by learning each letter before “driving a train”, loading letters sounds boxes onto it and matching upper and lower case letters to stop the train from running away.


Animal pop– It is designed to help the toddlers interact with up to 30 animals popping out of all kinds of objects. It has colour and fun HD graphics, with music and animal sounds.


Baby Sign Asl– This app has over 200 signs language baby signs. It is useful to parents who want to connect and communicate with their children at a very young age. It teaches the babies to learn how to communicate through signs which has been proved to be helpful for babies to know even more words.

Kid’s Vocab-Mind snacks– This is an app that helps children build their essential vocabularies. The app splits learning into lessons, each with up to 20 words and phrases taught through colorful mini-games to fully capture the Child’s attention.

Code of Warriors– This is an app the entry is set up to help children code using Java script language. It is present as a game where they build robot warriors and use their coding skills to control them in battles against their friends

These are among some of the most popular used toddler application for the iPad in 2013.

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