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Behold! The iPad Mini 2 In Silver And Space Gray!

Apple fanatics are reeling over the latest photograph release of the new Apple’s new iPad mini 2. The pictures were incidentally released in France giving computer chaps the first glimpse at the new gadget. While it will certainly be on many wish lists this holiday season, the new color variation is really all the new gadget has to offer. Though we cannot ignore the new Retina display screen, it seems to be playing second fiddle to the new colour. The screen is marketed as the key differentiator, but a new color and screen display is what all the fuss is over.

Though it is not certain who and where the photographs were leaked from, the high quality images show that the release was done by a credible company or person. Through process of elimination, the photos seem to have been leaked by a company called Touch Lab. The pictures are clear, but the reports are only showcasing the Silver and Space Gray colour. There is also another darker model clearly shown in the pictures, but the focal point of the hype is all around the space gray model. At second glance, Apple is picturing their already marketed black model, the only new or difference in the picture is the gray model.

While the buzz is not around the new sleek black model, someone is trying to push customers to opt for the space gray color over the three colors released in the new iPad mini 2. Though the design hasn’t changed at all, the new higher resolution screen will be something that the public will be interest in. The rumors of a fingerprint senor are also causing quite a stir. Though there is a curiosity with the leak of these photographs, they really don’t tell the general public anything they don’t already know.


The new iPad mini 2 will use some of the features of the iPhone 5’s cold schemes, but it looks to be identical to the previously released model. The big reveal is slated for October 22nds. While it is still questionable if the new iPad will have the highly desired Retina display, until then hopefuls must wait. The Retina Display will affect the weight of the iPad, but is its affects worth it? With a little over two weeks until the big reveal, fans will have to wait to see what is different and what is the same.

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