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When someone first buys an iPad, there are a few basic things they may do before actually using apps and other features. Things one might want to configure are the date and time settings, wallpaper, the widgets on the main menu and even customize the theme of the iPad. Once the person has configured their iPad, they will have familiarized themselves with the iPad operating system and will be able to find their way around to the apps and other features of the iPad more easily.

Navigating the iPad

When navigating through the iPad menus and when using virtually every app or other feature of the iPad, the person will use their finger to move the menus of the screen from left to right, up to down or can be used to turn the pages of a virtual e-Book. The person will also use their finger to play games, interact with applications or to scroll pages when browsing the web. Any control options are also controlled manually by one’s finger swipe. When on the main menu of the iPad, one can move their finger left or right to navigate through the different app containing pages. Once the person finds an app they would like to launch, they simply need to tap on it to begin. Some apps or games might also use the gyrometer and other sensitive measurement instruments for playing. If need be, the person may always press the main “Home” button located on the front of the iPad to return to the main menu at anytime.

All about Apps

When searching for an iPad app, it can at times be very frustrating due to the large availability of apps that are available. To find the app that someone is looking for, they can simply visit the Apple Apps Store and search for the specific app by name or click on the “Featured Apps,” “Top Charts” or “Sort by Customer” option to find an app by categories. If the person is not able to find the app they’re looking for by categories or by customer ratings, they can also look for the app using a search engine and then enter the app name verbatim into the “Search by Name” box in the Apple Apps Store.

Once the individual has found the app they wish to install they may do so by pressing their finger on the app and verifying they wish to install the app. Upon doing so, the application will install automatically and will then be available on the Apple main menu app pages. The next task a beginner might want to learn is how to manage their apps successfully. One of the first things that someone can do is to move their apps to the location they would like.

This can be done by the person pressing and holding their finger on the app so that it is put into the “move” state where the app icons jiggle. Afterwards, the person can then keep their finger pressed down on the app while they move it to whichever page they would like it on. After letting their finger go of the app it will be placed on the page. Apps can also be deleted when in the move state if the person presses their finger on the small “x” on the app. Once the person presses their finger on the small “x”, they will need to confirm their choice before completely deleting the app.

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